School Improvement Team

1. Members
Gloria Johnson-K
Tracy Mooring-1st
Renee Bunn-2nd
Amy Evans-3rd and chair of team
Caroline Glover-4th and secretary
Debbie Hancock-5th
Elizabeth Driver- Special Area
Betty Bunn-TA
Robin Bunn-parent
Stacie Polk-parent
Jessie Hinnant-parent
Jennifer Lewis-administrator
Allison Williams-Administrator

Dates for meetings:
Sept. 23
Oct. 14
Nov 18
Dec 9
Jan 13
Feb 17
March 16
April 13
May 11

SIT minutes 9/23/15

Amy Evans will be our 2015-2016 Leadership chairperson and Caroline Glover will be the secretary.
Leadership meeting dates will be as follows:
October 14th
November 18th
December 9th
January 13th
February 17th
March 16th
April 13th
May 11th
Our School Improvement plan will be posted on our Rock Ridge website.
Our Tech reps this year are Mrs. Willoughby and Mrs. Gilbert. They are doing a phenomenal job and we are lucky to have them. Please keep in mind that their first job is to teach, and they will help with any technical issues the first chance that they get once their are aware of the problem. Please continue to submit your technology requests on the google doc that was created last year.
Students must meet the following criteria to attend Renaissance:
K-2 all S's and M's and good behavior
3-5 Honor roll and good behavior
Please check your cumulative folders for your white student information sheets so Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Beacham can update any info as needed.
Our breakfast in the classroom program will be getting audited starting in January. Mrs. Connie has a checklist she will be using to make sure we are all doing the right thing. (Each grade level has a copy).
Each student must take a fruit or a juice (or both)and and entree
Make sure your count adds up and you're checking off the correct day.
We will be participating in the One School One Book Program.
$5.65 per book per child
The entire school will participate. Instead of Dr. Seuss night, we will have Humphry night on March 1st.
We need a representative for NCAAT from Rock Ridge since Ms. Wilson cannot attend the weekend of Oct. 16-19th. Please email Mrs. Lewis if you are interested.
Mrs. Lewis shared that we have used 35 cases of paper out of 40 cases since beginning of year. There will be extra paper placed in a cabinet in the back lounge. We need to be conscious of the amount of paper we are wasting due to copy mistakes.



SIT Minutes
October 14, 2015

Amy Evans - 3rd Grade Betty Bunn - Assistant Stacie Polk - Parent
Caroline Glover- 4th Grade Tracy Mooring- 1st Grade Jessie Hinnant-Parent
Jennifer Lewis - Principal Renee Bunn - 2nd Grade Robin Bunn- Parent
Debbie Hancock - 5th Grade Gloria Johnson- Kindergarten
Buffy Driver - Special Area

Students sent to the library after 8:20 for AR check out will be sent back to class.
We are still having issues with paper. Mrs. Lewis is going to stock our back workroom cabinet with 20 packs of paper. Please be sure that you are using paper conservatively and using scrap paper when possible.
There will be access to paper towels and toilet paper in the back staff bathroom for adults effective immediately. The staff bathroom is for adult use only.
Please be sure to keep all outside doors closed.
As grade levels, please decide what you would like on your wish list.Grade level wish lists need to be given to Mrs. L. Wilson by November 13.
Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Willoughby would like us to consider our technology needs first while compiling our grade level wish lists.
There should be no water bottles on the playgrounds during recess.
Maintenance is looking into fixing our laminator and Mrs. Lewis is looking into prices of new ones. The laminator that is currently "working" is an old one that doesn't heat well.
Mrs. Lewis has gotten approval to hire 2 assistants.
Ordering out for lunch through CAPE will continue monthly. Some of the lunches have been from local fundraisers to help out the CAPE team. November will be from Brewmasters.
Our "regular" Substitutes are called first. If one person does not answer, the next person is called until a substitute is confirmed for the needed position.
PTO hospitality will provide staff with lunch treats (Chick-fil-A tray, fruit and chips) on Wednesday October 21st in the front lounge.
I-ready testing will begin next week for 4th and 5th grade during computer time.